Dr. Brian Carpenter is one of about 25 dentists in Georgia and a few hundred in the world licensed to provide these microthin veneers. There are only a couple of dental labs in the country that make them.

These veneers have earned a reputation for looking natural due to their artistic design and shape, layering of the porcelain to closely resemble real teeth, and selecting the appropriate application techniques so the end result doesn’t look thick or bulky.

Dr. Carpenter prefers DURAthin® over other popular name brand porcelain veneers because they are less bulky and they fit right over your natural teeth without requiring partial removal of your healthy tooth structure.

Veneers are an excellent option for correcting teeth that are:

  • Uneven
  • Small
  • Slightly crowded
  • Chipped
  • Slightly cracked
  • Discolored due to tetracycline or other stains
  • Gapped

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